“Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin!”……………author unknown

What a great quote and definitely a sentiment to adopt. Somehow my first cup of tea each morning does not create the same anticipation that my first and sometimes only cup of coffee manages to do.

Coffee has become such a huge industry in this country and on just about every corner of our high street there is a coffee shop.You can even get a fancy take away coffee from one of the coffee chains that have popped up in many local garages. In my village we have two coffee shops. The shop handily placed outside the school gate is the meeting point for the mums after they have dropped off their children in the mornings. The shop next to the butcher further down the village is quieter and has a slightly older clientele.

Such was my obsession with creating the perfect cup of coffee that about nine months ago I purchased a coffee machine so that I could become a barista in my own home. Barista is an Italian word that quite simply means, bartender. After searching online, looking at reviews and finally choosing and purchasing a machine, I eagerly awaited its arrival.

The machine arrived and I excitedly read through all of the instructions on making a cappuccino – my favourite drink. Having done my homework as to what fresh ground coffee would be appropriate I thought it was just a case of loading the filter holder, tamping the coffee down and then pressing a button and voila! But, guess what?……………….I discovered that none of my coffee mugs would fit between the filter holder and the mug tray. What a let down! If I removed the tray from the machine to accommodate the size of the mug then the overspill went on to my kitchen counter creating a mess.

That inauspicious start lead me on to my next obsession to find the perfect range of mugs for the coffee maker. Armed with my trusty tape measure and the measurements of my machine I visited trade fairs with a single-mindedness that Teresa has learned to ignore, allowing me  to ‘get on with it’.

We are therefore delighted to introduce our new range of coffee mugs and biscuit trays from British Designer, Sara Page. At just 8.5cm tall with a diameter of 8cm this mug should fit comfortably underneath most coffee makers. The mug and tray is a lovely gift set when packaged together with a co-ordinating pack of napkins. I gave just such a gift to a friend recently and she sent a thank you note saying that her husband used her gift to deliver her tea and biscuit in the morning – Result! The Wild Wine and Hedgerow designs are both available with a matching biscuit tray.

Sara Page Mug and biscuit tray in Hedgerow design

Following on from the mug and tray we are going one step further when creating a professional finish to your coffee.
The cappuccino stencil and Fair trade chocolate dusting powder set is a great gift for the discerning coffee lover. This treat is beautifully packaged in a gift bag, complete with gift tag. There is a choice of stencils and, exclusive to AuraDecor Designs, we have a ‘protea’ stencil in a floral gift bag. We also offer a special ‘snowflake’ stencil in a Festive gift bag.

Finally I would like to leave you with this lovely quote by Terri Guillemets: “Hot coffee and cold winter mornings are two of the best soulmates who ever did find each other”.

I couldn’t agree more!








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