Cosy up with Lighting

Lighting makes such a big difference to how a room looks and feels, especially in the coming Autumn and Winter months when we want our homes to feel cosy and welcoming.

Firstly there are the basics – many homes make do with one central pendant light in the room but with the use of ambient lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps and wall uplighters we can weave some cosy personality into our homes.

Next, introduce one or more fun accents to add the finishing touches to your decor.  At AuraDecor Designs, we love to make our home feel special and elegant, and we also love the variety of quirky and cute lights currently available. So we are delighted to introduce our latest range of lighting options which offer a choice of sophistication, colour and fun.

And one last point – LED lights have the benefit of being eco-friendly, using very little power to illuminate. An idea we wholeheartedly support.

coco chic LED light chain

coco chic LED light chain

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