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Chai Tea SetIndus wooden bowl sideNkuku Esha Mango Wood Platter

When we first saw the Nkuku range of eco friendly fairly traded homeware and gifts, not only did we love the beautiful products themselves but we also felt a close connection to AuraDecor Designs’ own endeavours to support the fair trade traditional skills of artisans and craftsmen.

We have chosen Nkuku as a supplier since they are an environmentally aware company and a member of BAFTS British Association of Fair Trade Shops.
They support local community initiatives in Africa and India, and as with many of our other suppliers which we have elected to work with, they too are involved with a number of social projects, co-operatives and family businesses.

This fits in firmly with AuraDecor Designs’ mission and ethos, and we are delighted to offer a selection of Nkuku handmade and recycled glass products.

Did you know that glass jars and bottles are 100% recyclable and can be endlessly recycled without loss in quality or purity? Recycled glass reduces emissions and the consumption of raw materials, as well as saving energy.

This means that AuraDecor Designs can now offer a wide selection of products such as T-light lanterns and drinking glasses, all from recycled glass.
Artisans hand make these products, and many of them are hand blown resulting in the charming imperfections in the glass items.

The Nkuku wooden platters and bowls are handmade from mango wood, which is sourced from sustainable Mango trees. Initially grown for their fruit but once they have stopped producing fruit the Mango trees are cut down and used to create these beautiful wooden products.

AuraDecor Designs are delighted to offer the Nkuku range in our store, and we hope you love the range of products combining contemporary design with age old traditions, natural materials and sustainable methods of production. inspired by the traditional skill of artisans.

For an interesting read of the Nkuku founders’ recent travels to India with their young family, here is a link to their inspirational blog.

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