Hand Poured Wax Candles

Our Hand Poured Natural Wax Candle range is supplied by a family run business in West Sussex. Lesley, the Chandler, uses recipes based on herbs linked to mythological legends and folklore. Using natural essential oils, herbs, flowers and berries from the English countryside to produce their range of pampering and healthy candles.

The hand poured candles have gloriously powerful aromas and use essential oils that compliment each other for specific purposes :

Our most popular ‘Health‘ candle combines essential oils of Rosemary, Marjoram and Lavender for aromas associated with good health, well being, healing and calm and a hint of Clary Sage to help fight depression and sleeping problems
The relaxing aromas of essential oils of Rose, Palmarose and Orange in the ‘Love Candle‘ are good for creating a romantic mood.
Another popular candle is ‘The Kitchen Witch‘ with lemongrass and a touch of rosemary to banish unwanted kitchen smells such as cabbage, fish or wet dog!

Other seasonal combinations are available to purchase from our online shop. The fragranced candles described above are available in tins, glass jars or as candle melts.

AuraDecor Designs natural candle range

Top tips for using a Candle Melt

  • These are ideal for deep bowled burners, and are simple to use.
  • Place your candle melt in the bowl, and a tealight in the section below.
  • Light the tealight, and the heat from the tealight will melt the candle releasing the essential oils.
  • Once the tealight is used up or blown out, the wax will begin to set.
  • The melt is reusable until you feel all the essential oil aromas have evaporated (basically you cannot smell them anymore).
  • To replenish or change your melt, once it has completely set pop the entire burner in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Allow time for the wax to shrink, the melt should pop out easily with the aid of a knife.
  • Store in an airtight container to preserve the oils.

AuraDecor candle melting in burnerAuraDecor melted candle in burnerAuraDecor candle re-set in burner


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