More about Mother’s Day

This year Mother’s Day in the UK falls on Sunday March 15…. which does still give us a couple of weeks to plan a special lunch, gift or surprise!

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to acknowledge the special bond of mothers, whether we are left with memories of our own relationship or whether we are lucky enough to spend time with our mum.

As with many of our modern day celebrations, the origin of Mothering Sunday is rooted in Christianity and began life as a largely religious celebration. The term ‘mothering’ did not initially refer to mothers, but to the ‘mother church’, the main church in the vicinity of their home. Working people were expected to attend a special service with their families on that Sunday.

Over time the Mothering Sunday tradition shifted into the more modern day secular holiday it has become. Inspired from across the pond where in 1914 Anna Jarvis founded the official U.S Mother’s Day holiday as a way of honouring her own mother and the sacrifices mothers make for their children.

The UK celebrates Mother’s Day on the traditional timing of Mothering Sunday, the third Sunday of Lent (a religious Christian season) while some countries follow the US national calendar holiday of the second Sunday in May.

One of the biggest modern day traditions on Mother’s Day is the giving of flowers. Other gifts are popular too, such as boxes of chocolates (not good for the waistline), pampering products (Yes, please) or handmade presents from the kids (our talented darlings!).
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It has to be said, however, that the one treat many mother’s will relish about their special day is the opportunity to relax and be spoilt all day long. Hint!

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