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Add the Beaded Wire Craft Apple to your décor and instantly add a touch of bling and glamour on your sideboard, dining room table or coffee table in the living room. Original and uniquely decorative example of beaded African handwork.  Hand-crafted by our Fair Trade partners in South Africa. Each apple is shaped using wire and then the craftsman adds the glass beads one at a time on thin wire to which is bent around the apple shape.

Ideas for displaying the beaded wire craft apple

We suggest a display of three, five or seven of these delicate beaded wire craft fruit in shades of gold and white. These elegant apples make a decorative statement when placed in a bowl in the centre of the dining room table, sideboard or ideal as a coffee table centrepiece. Chose a bowl in wood, glass or use an attractive basket to best display this product.

See our hand crafted ceramic Boat Bowls for a truly unique way to display the beaded wire craft apples



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