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Outdoor light chain from http://www.lightstylelondon.co.uk/. Use the waterproof ‘Leaf Fantasy’ light chain for any area requiring portable outdoor light. At 6 meters of illuminaton the light chain offers 60 warm white LED lights. Each of the LED lights is enveloped by a waterproof protection and features an attractive white Leaf design.  Decorate your garden for a party or add sparkle and festive elegance at Christmastime.
Note this outdoor light chain is 8 meters in length of which 6 meters is illuminated, however, by joining light sets together it is possible to make up to 24m. The light chain is mains powered requiring a plug socket.

How long is the Leaf Fantasy light chain?

Connect up to 3 sets of Leaf Fantasy light chains thereby extending the chain to 18 meters of illumination and 24 metres of light chain in total.

Decorate a garden for any party, wedding or celebratory event. Create a welcoming warmth around the porch. See other outdoor lighting ideas.  https://www.auradecordesigns.co.uk/products-page/lighting-ideas/


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