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Red Suede Leather Wall Mounted Kudu Head

Red Suede Wall mounted kudu head wall sculpture. A stunning 3Dimensional kudu head covered with beautiful red suede leather. Guaranteed to deliver a striking style statement in your home. Made from recycled shanks board and tastefully clad in beautiful red bovine leather. This wonderfully clever piece of ‘Afro-chic’ wall art will look good in so many of the interior spaces of your home. At AuraDecor, we are very excited to have procured these gorgeous artistic wall sculptures which form part of our Uniquely African range.

From her studio at the foot of Table Mountain, Joanna Orr of Head On Design creates these beautiful contemporary African animal wall sculptures. A graceful take on traditional hunting trophies, they serve to celebrate our wildlife, but without the bloodshed.

A big lover of nature, her products are made with our fragile earth in mind. and manufactured by only using sustainable or recycled materials. Donations are also made to wildlife conservation yearly.

What’s so unique about the red suede wall mounted kudu head?

Besides being a striking addition to any interior space, they are extremely well made. Joanna often collaborates with various artists to produce a beautiful range of printed heads in themes that are typically embracing of Southern African trends, inspired by our natural as well as historical heritage.

The beautifully boxed Wall Mounted Sculpture comes flat-packed with clear instructions on how to assemble and hang.  Therefore they make the perfect gift for a conservationist or animal lover.

This range forms part of our Uniquely African range. Our company has South African roots and we travel frequently to South Africa. We meet with designers to exclusively source top quality South African home decor products. Most noteworthy, these unique African decorations will give your home an original feel with 100% authentic African sourced designs.


62cm (H) x 41cm (W) x 38cm (D)

Available in 3 unique, inspiring designs which are both eco and animal friendly.


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