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Luxury Felt Bath Mat

Luxury felt Bath Mat made from 100% South African Merino wool. This bespoke felted wool bathmat forms part of our Uniquely African range. Our company has South African roots and we travel frequently to South Africa. We meet with designers to exclusively source top quality South African home decor products and seek to find craftspeople who make unique and bespoke African decorations which will give your home an original feel with 100% authentic African sourced designs. Each luxury bathmat is handmade in South Africa as part of a collaboration between Krafthaus and AuraDecor Designs.

What is the process used in creating the luxury felt bath mat ?

Each premium quality bathmat is made using the ancient art of felting.  The wet felting technique is a process used to create a dense non woven fabric by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together to create a flat piece of fabric. The quantity of layers of combed or carded wool determines the thickness of the product. Each bespoke luxury felt bath mat is 20.5 – 24.5 micron. As this is a hand crafted product slight variations in size and thickness may occur.

Why is wool a good choice for a bath mat?

Unlike cotton, wool has a tendency to ‘wick’ water away from your skin and is able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in water. A bath mat made of wool will dry more quickly than one made from cotton and has a luxurious feel underfoot. The Krafthaus bath mat is patterned in an elegant ‘Pen sketch’ design and is offered in a colour choice of charcoal grey and natural  or hydra blue and natural.

Size Guide: 800cm x 600 cm


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