Top tips to extend the life of your candle.

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The Burn time for a candle refers to the estimated time that the candle can burn before all the wax has entirely vanished.  You will often see on the candle’s packaging a reference to the expected burn time, for example, our wooden lidded glass jar candles have a burn time of 60 hours.
To get the most out of your candle follow these top suggestions:

1)      Candles have a ‘memory’ so allow your candle to burn long enough that the wax melts to the edges of the container. This is especially important the first time you light a new candle. Burning this way will prevent the candle from forming that annoying ‘crater’ in the centre, which can lead to wastage.

2)      The larger the wax melt pool (the melted wax area), the more scent is generally released.

3)      Avoid burning the candle near draughts (open window, busy hallway, radiators) as this will affect the even burning of the candle and result in decreased overall burn time.

4)      Trim the candle wick regularly before you relight it, especially if it has developed a ‘mushroom’ head.

Now who has 3 to 4 hours to sit and watch a candle burn? Yes, this can be a bother, but it is only necessary the first time you burn a new candle. After that, you will be able to burn for shorter periods as the candle should ‘remember’.

So, if you want to maximise the burn time of your new gorgeously scented candle, then… place the candle somewhere safe and light up when you have a good stretch of time ahead eg When you get home after work – the candle can burn away while you are cooking dinner in the kitchen, helping the kids with homework, settling down to your favourite TV series or book.

Please share with your friends, and let us know if you found these tips useful.

Burn your candle safely and efficiently and follow the safety instructions on your candle.

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